• Dana Sadowski

    Dana Sadowski

    UX designer and rock climber

  • Frances Wymbs

    Frances Wymbs

    Naturally and artificially flavored.

  • Quincy Dagelet

    Quincy Dagelet

    CEO of Crowny | Public speaker | Passion for traveling, marketing and all kinds of technology.

  • Giselle Burges

    Giselle Burges

    Unraveling the human mind one design at a time.

  • Caitlin James

    Caitlin James

    UX designer, storyteller, and visual artist. Experience is life.

  • Liz Ramon

    Liz Ramon

  • René Otto

    René Otto

    Meaningful Life Advocate, UX Designer, Educator, Performer, Mother

  • Melody Acosta

    Melody Acosta

    An experienced licensed psychotherapist and budding UX designer with an interested in consumer behavior and market trends.

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